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The Brief

780 is a student ministry network. Our project together consisted of overall branding, as well as branding for their annual gathering, 780 Conf.

This was a new brand launch; the organization was just beginning to take off. It was a great opportunity to team up with so many churches, and it was powerful to see the unity behind the vision of 780. We still love seeing this brand in action in our home city.

"We need to reach students who don't know Jesus."

-Harman Sharda, Local Pastor


Of course, being a student ministry, the primary goal was to reach students. However, there needed to be a focus on reaching students who were not yet a part of the Church. Using the local area code, this became not just a church initiative, but an initiative to change their city.

Project Snapshots
The Logo

This logo had to feel strong, just like 780's mission. When deciding on inspiration, we leaned toward bold, fashion inspired, and something students would be happy to wear on a shirt. Here's round one.

The Final Decision

We had to be flexible with colour. Trends are always changing with students, so instead of choosing a primary and secondary, we chose a colour mode. High contrast, bright, vibrant, gradients.

Branding Guidelines Snapshot
Website Snapshot
780 Conf Snapshot
780 Conf Video Opener

This video opener for 780 Conf was meant to be crowd interactive, and it worked. Seeing the conference open with this much excitement... and screaming... was a powerful moment.

Design Asset Snapshot