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The Brief

WIth new leadership and a new perspective, this inner-city church was ready for their brand identity to shine. Until our time together, there was virtually no existing identity.

The hope in re-branding was to reach new people in their urban location. CLC had the potential to be an inner-city hub, and building an identity system proved to help with that.

"If you're filthy rich or dirt poor, you're welcome here."

-Corey Randell, Lead Pastor


This all-inclusive church has a breaking heart for their city. Anyone and everyone is welcome; the more the merrier. Living for the betterment of others is the focus of CLC. Truly Jesus-like.

Project Snapshots
The Logo

Calming and approachable were the two main schools of thought when creating the CLC logo. It had to be something that welcomed people from all walks of life. Here were some first round options:

After round one, a new option was introduced and it came down to these two. One, a representation of the geographic area, and the other a combination of a cross and map pin.

The Final Decision

Approachability was a deep need for CLC. That eliminated any bright, corporate colours. A softened green, the colour of new life, was the most approachable option we came up with.





Branding Guidelines Snapshot
Website Snapshot
Note: CLC has since merged with another church and has assumed their name and identity system.