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The Brief

Connect Church was a church plant with a higher potential to reach people. Through a series of difficult seasons, Connect Church began reaching out to others for support. Bringing in church planting experts and us at Church Omni, Connect was on the right track forward.

We needed to help effectively "re-launch" Connect Church under a new identity and strategy. This was a six month process that has breathed new life into the church.

"We want to help connect people to their God-given purpose."

-Pedro Pires, Lead Pastor


Connect expressed to us that they wanted and needed to focus more on millennials and Gen Z. They knew that the future health of their church plant depended on this. 

Project Snapshots
The Logo

We wanted to keep this logo as simple as possible and play off the letter "C." It was requested that we try our best to promote unity, or connection, through the logo as well.

Colour Exploration

We had tentatively landed on a logo, but it was important for Connect to explore colour options. This was for the sake of buy-in from the whole team. Here are some of the colours we explored.

The Final Decision

A whole new logo, and in a combination of the cobalt blue and teal. We were all very happy to land here, as it just felt right. The team was very excited with the final product.


Colour was mostly directed by the Connect team. One thing they were sure of was that they would love to have a gradient. This gradient, as you've seen above, includes the two primary colours.





Logo Animation (opener and closer with stock footage)
Branding Guidelines Snapshot
Design Asset Snapshot