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Brand Identity

Design Assets

Brand Strategy

The Brief

A completely new Christian clothing line was about to take Canada by storm. The only piece missing was hiring us to help!

This was a robust project in terms of positioning. We helped in naming the company, building the brand identity, building messaging, and producing design assets. It wasn't a church, but it was an exciting project. Whatever it takes to share the love of God.

"I want to see people wearing something that reflects a positive view of the world and those around them."

-Dane Whitney, Founder


This was fun because we got to help build the positioning from the ground up. We floated many ideas but always came back to the fact that this was simply a way for people to show Jesus to others around them. The target market was mainly millennials and Gen Z, so whatever we did had to be done with excellence in order for this to succeed.

That brought us to the name. The original idea was: "The Speak Well Speak Easy."

That name was held loosely and Church Omni was asked to present some ideas. After several meetings in person, we put together a small presentation. Check it out below.

Company Name Exploration (the full presentation)
The Logo

Yes! "MoreMinus" was the chosen name. More of God, less of us. Let's get to work on a logo. Remember, it needs to speak to young people. Round one proposal looked like this:

The Final Decision

This logo was chosen for its aesthetic appeal, its ability to be scaled, its "merchandise" persona, and the convenience of it fitting on a clothing tag, etc.

The Colour

With MoreMinus being a versatile clothing brand, we didn't want to limit the brand to a set of colours. Instead, to create the desired feeling in its customers, we chose a pallet style.

Design Asset Snapshot