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The Brief

North Pointe desperately needed to re-focus their positioning, define who they are and who they're trying to reach, and give their image a complete overhaul.

This project was extensive, and paid off greatly. After going through a long discovery process, the new mission statement became "leading people to real hope, new life, and lasting purpose." With that in mind, it was clear that their identity had to reflect this statement.

Included in this project: Sub-identities for Anthem Student Ministries (Ages 0-30).

"It can't be about us anymore."

-Bob Jones, Previous Lead Pastor


North Pointe had to aim younger. With an increasingly "old" congregation, steps had to be taken to reach the sub-30 demographic. Their motto; "Come as you are."

Project Snapshots
The Logo

We new this logo had to be new, bold, and meaning that would elicit ownership by the congregation. We produced two options. One being a "refresh" from the old logo, and one totally different.

"Can you give us a slight variation of each?" Absolutely.

The Final Decision

This three-part logo speaks to two things:

1. Their three-part mission statement of Real Hope, New Life, and Lasting Purpose.

2. The emptiness in life that can only be filled by God, shown as an ongoing process (top to bottom).


With this breath of fresh life and a new desire to reach a younger generation, these colours had to aim young, yet remain trustworthy. Vibrant blues were the perfect middle ground.





Logo Animation
Branding Guidelines Snapshot
Design Asset Snapshot
Anthem Student Ministries (Ages 0-30)