Waymaker Church
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The Brief

Waymaker Church had been planning a name-change and re-brand for some time. This was especially exciting because this portable church was moving into their very first building.


The last piece of their puzzle was hiring us to help bring perspective and expertise to the process. Brentwood Church (at the time) reached out to us and our relationship clicked instantly. Through a two month process, Waymaker was able to hit the ground running. They've got a very bright future!

"Our name must reflect our calling."

-John Dupin, Lead Pastor


To speak and relate to all ages and walks of life. To break the stigma of what church is, and what it could be. To take people to new and deeper levels with Jesus.

Project Snapshots
The Logo

At first, we were asked to have fun with our ideas and throw them all at the wall, deciding later which ideas would stick. Here are some of the logos we proposed:

After some deliberation, Waymaker decided that the definite direction they wanted to go was to include mountains in the logo. These were to resemble the mountains near their region (Lynchburg, Virginia). Also, if we were able to incorporate "WM," it would have been a bonus! With that in mind, we ran with it. Our second round of logos looked like this:

The Final Decision

Colours were important for Waymaker. Their hope was to be vibrant and eye-catching, but also to capture the deep, earth tones of mountains. We think we accomplished this well.





Logo Animation
Branding Guidelines Snapshot
Design Asset Snapshot
Launch Video

With limited resources, Waymaker needed a compelling video to communicate the heart behind their transition and launch strategy. After sending us some video and audio files, hoping for the best, here's what we were able to produce.