Woman Evolve 2020
How we Helped

Brand Identity

Design Assets

The Brief

"Wooaahhh, we're working with Sarah Jakes-Roberts. That's cool."

Woman Evolve reached out to use to brand their 2020 Women's Conference. We were excited at this opportunity.

The goal: A mix of space and fashion. Focus on the feeling of empowerment.

"We are women. We are here to stay."

-Woman Evolve 2020

Concept Number One

Loved but rejected. Let's keep going!

Concept Number 2

Close, but not quite. On to round 3.

Concept Number 3

Woah. That's cool. Let's try more.

Concept Number 4

I think we're almost there!

Concept Number 5 (Our personal favourite)

We've decided! (Yesssssssss)